12 ways UrbanPiper can help your restaurant business

Restaurateurs handle everything from operations to marketing to accounting, & every problem seems important and requires urgent attention.UrbanPiper is a great solution to manage restaurant operations efficiently and focus on quality.

12 ways UrbanPiper can help your restaurant business

Running a restaurant is undoubtedly tough. As a restaurateur, you have to handle everything from operations to marketing to accounting,  & every problem seems important and requires urgent attention. UrbanPiper can help you run your restaurant operations efficiently and you can sit back and focus on the quality. Below are 12 different ways UrbanPiper can help your business -

1. Manage multiple actions like a pro

Having problems managing too many things across multiple aggregators? No worries, Hub is to your rescue as you can manage

- Orders
- Menu
- Item stock

Across multiple channels from a single dashboard. This saves time & helps your RHI.

2. Quick menu modifications across multiple channels

Are you still caught up with the old book method of calling up multiple aggregator partners to make changes to the menu? You can do this with a few clicks on Hub and all your changes will reflect in real-time.

3. Mark up price settings

Dropping prices of your bestselling items is one of the best ways to attract customers to order more from your restaurant. HUB’s mark-up price feature lets you show the original price and the revised price (eg. $999 only $500!) on the aggregators, so you can run campaigns on limited time offers.

Let your customers try out the best dishes your chef makes. You can customize your bestselling dishes and the recommended ones from your previous customers. This simple measure is an effective way to ensure that customers consume dishes that are not only the most popular, but sometimes most effective for your restaurant as well.

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5. Manage deliverability for each platform; set surge timings

Is it raining too hard or is there too much traffic and you know that you cannot deliver at the assigned time? With just a few clicks, you can set surge timings and increase the preparation time instead of the delivery time. A happy you and a happy customer.

6. Add customizations; let your customers choose through multiple options and variants

Why just limit to the regular variants in your dishes, let your customers choose, mix and match new variants, toppings, bases and make an altogether new dish. This is especially important for cuisines such as Italian, where consumers like to decide which kind of pasta goes best with their dish, or which pizza base suits their tastes.

7. No more juggling multiple dashboards for reconciliation

It is difficult to manage dashboards of multiple aggregators to reconcile & is a hassle for your finance team. With HUB’s reporting module, you can stay up to date with the accurate business insights and zero manual errors.

8. Get your own websites to run your business independently

You have a Facebook or Instagram account, then why not your own branded website? It is imperative for a brand to be present on various social media channels but just having a Facebook and Instagram page will not do. Your brand should have a website of its own which will help in creating its identity and also customers can order from the website which will help in increasing revenue. UrbanPiper’s Meraki allows you to do just that. Just choose your theme, customise your menu & go-live in super quick time.

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9. Manage your own delivery fleet

Don’t want to share your profits with food delivery partners? You can continue to make scrumptious dishes, while UrbanPiper can take care of managing your delivery fleet. Store managers can assign orders to delivery agents right from the POS. UrbanPiper’s Comet allows you to do this, and much more.

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10. Eagle eye view of your entire business - analytics at its best

Numbers have an important story to tell as you can rely on them to give you a clear picture of what is going on in your business. It is very important to have a robust tool such as Atlas from where you can study the various reports based on your sales data and improvise accordingly.

11. Customer segmentation, campaigning via emails & SMS

How many times have you got messages from Zomato or Swiggy on upcoming offers and discounts? Quite often, this is exactly the trigger you need to make your next purchase. This idea is a hit especially with millennials and even on festival days. Does the name and phone number of the customer suffice? No. You have to figure out their age, their previous ordering habits, and other factors. After that, you must study the data, and then run the offers. No point in giving a discount on cheese burst pizza to a bunch of customers who have a previous ordering history of salads.

12. Integrated with the 200+ POS companies across the world so you can manage everything right from your POS.

Just onboarded with a POS? No hassle of changing your current POS when you choose to partner with UrbanPiper. We are integrated with 200+ POS companies across the world. Now you manage multiple dashboards on one single screen, update your menu & stock, reconcile with aggregators, & more.