Atlas: The CRM for your Business

Atlas: The CRM for your Business

Fragmented as it can get, restaurants belong to one of the toughest segments in the Food and Beverage industry. While the margins are considerably high, the competition is stiff in this segment. The race to profitability and sustainability becomes far more fervent with new challenges popping up every single day.

For restaurant owners, the clock is ticking to figure out ways which are unique and best qualified to understand their customers well — and therefore, make informed business and marketing decisions. But this isn’t simple, there are three major challenges that any restaurateur will have to address

Knowing the key business metrics

As businesses grow, it becomes difficult to oversee every aspect of the business objectively. The need to be well-versed of the business’ KPIs is imperative to stay ahead.

Understanding customer behaviour

Each customer is unique, and they engage differently in their own way. However, it is still possible to draw some common characteristics and group them together. For example, customers who order evening snacks can be one group.

When the business is small these patterns are easily traceable. But quite often than not, as the numbers grow most merchants start losing this understanding.

Engaging with Customers

In a smaller setup, when one starts their business, it is easy to build a personal relationship with customers, as the owners are in the stores themselves. But, as the team grows that personal touch starts fading off.

A smart solution is the need of the hour
While there is no shortcut to success, there definitely is a smarter way to achieve the goal through technology.

A Resolute Solution

One of the possible ways to address the above-mentioned challenges it to use the right tools that, are robust enough and designed specifically for the needs of the restaurant owners.

Keeping all the challenges above in mind, we are delighted to introduce the first-cut of Atlas — a brand new CRM for your business. Here is what you can expect from the first cut:

An Elegant Dashboard

It provides an interface which highlights the vital business stats at one place to make faster and better decisions. Key business metrics like revenue, transactions, new users, top performing — all in one place, updated in real-time.

A clear overview of numbers and trends that matter

A Powerful Segmentation Engine

Customers can be grouped into segments by specifying some common characteristics between them. These segments can then facilitate targeted promotions.

Easy grouping of customers through segments

A Complete Campaigning Wizard

Customers can be targeted through multiple channels like SMS, Email, App push notification & web push notification. It doesn’t end there, it also possible to set up conversion tracking policy for the campaign during the setup, and evaluate the ROI thereafter.

Reach out to your segmented users through multiple channels

We are sure you will love what you see and what you can do with Atlas. Take it for a spin and get a taste of the wonderful things it can do for your business. And as always, feel free to reach out to us with your feedback and suggestions either through the inbuilt chat console or by writing to us at [email protected]