Building a seamless checkout process

Building a seamless checkout process

One of the most annoying things for you, as a merchant, is to have your online ordering customers drop off from your checkout page. In the online commerce world, this phenomena is referred to as shopping cart abandonment.

While there is an endless list highlighting why this matters, one thing that particularly stands out is:

68% of the customers end up abandoning their cart

Now that you know more of customers end up abandoning their carts than those who buy something, let’s look at the breakdown of reasons from PayPal and Comscore’s survey to understand the bottlenecks

Though there are some points (like comparison shop, lack of money, wanted to shop offline) where you’d be constrained to do something, but the above survey also highlights a few low-hanging fruits (like payment options, item availability, coupons, security) that can be taken care of.

Item availability

23% of the customers abandon an online store if the item they selected wasn’t available at checkout

Customers take time to decide which item(s) to order, and if after putting in all the mental effort, they get to know on the checkout screen that an item they selected isn’t available, then they’ll naturally feel annoyed. This can be a compelling reason for them to look elsewhere in the future when they need to make an online purchase.

In the UrbanPiper platform, we automatically sync your inventory management system periodically, so that customers can see the items which are out of stock before adding them to their cart.

Website highlights the items that are out of stock

Multiple Payment Options

24% of the customers abandon an online store because they aren’t able to find their preferred payment option

Customers can have their favourites when it comes to choosing their payment option. And it makes no sense to lose customers by limiting your payment options.

While building out the checkout experience on the UrbanPiper platform, we were super focused to make sure that payments are a breeze. We had 2 primary drivers when looking at this problem: (1) Choice, and (2) Reliability. Keeping these in mind, our platform offers a wide range of payment options right out of the box — wallets, credit cards, debit cards, mico-credit options (like used in Ubër).

A wide choice of payment options available for online customers

Display Coupons

27% of the customers abandon an online store because they wanted to look for a coupon

When your regular customers move to the checkout screen they might naturally expect to get some discount coupons. More often than not, they go crawling on Google to search for coupons/offers that might be active on your site.This breaks the flow of the checkout process.

This was an interesting user story for us too. Though we have been powering a complete coupon engine for a long time, we didn’t support displaying coupons on your online store.

We soon realised that there was a definite need to show coupons on your online store (as part of the checkout process). But the bigger question for us was––which is the best place to show these coupons. So we brainstormed about it, checked a UX few case studies, and then finally decided on displaying it right next to the coupon box with an easy click-to-apply facility.

List of coupons displayed in context — users can simply click to apply them

The early results have been very promising—we are seeing much better conversion rates.

Checkout as a guest

It takes time for customers to build trust. Trust in what you sell, trust in how you sell, and thus, trust in your online commerce website and app.

Though there can be some who won’t mind registering as a user on your website the very first time they visit, but there will definitely be some who might want to first try ordering a few times before they feel comfortable.

So we give you an option—click on a checkbox (yup, that’s all) that will enable the “Guest Checkout” feature, so your customers don’t necessarily have to register in order to place an order.

Option to checkout as guest—without going through the registration process

We’ve been busy. But these are the highlights of what we’ve been up to. There are a lot of such interesting things lined up. So stay tuned!