Case Study: Building a modern theme for an impressively smooth online ordering app experience

Case Study: Building a modern theme for an impressively smooth online ordering app experience

In the late 2015, we launched our first white-labeled mobile ordering app for Chai Point. It has been less than 3 years, and UrbanPiper has transformed into a platform that powers the online ordering experience for hundreds of businesses today. In the year 2017 alone, we processed close to 175,000 orders (worth about Rs. 5.5 Cr) through our apps.

Back in the days, when we first launched our mobile apps, tapping a few buttons on the app to place an order felt magical. But now, as the online ordering space is disrupting — the customer’s expectations are naturally growing.

To allow merchants to deploy the very best in terms of contemporary user-experience, we took upon ourselves to create a new theme — Newton — for our apps to match the elevated expectations of current users.

Newton provided the team an opportunity to go back at the drawing board and re-think about a few important questions:

  • What are the most common user journeys?
  • What excites customers?
  • Where do users drop-off while ordering?

With enough data at our disposal, we soon realised that users have well-defined preferences in the way they engage with an ordering app — and it is important to focus on providing them with simplified ways to get things done, rather than just putting together an adhoc experience which seems to functionally fulfill their expectations.

With these ideas and insights, we set out on a 3 month long journey of building Newton.

A Streamlined Interface

There were 3 important customer behaviours which the app interface had to embrace:

  1. Customers look for recommendations
  2. They want to easily search & browse through the catalog
  3. They want to have an easy way to repeat a past order

Offers & Promotions

Customers are always fishing for offers. Making them easily & conveniently accessible not only helps in improving the conversion rates, but also keeps customers excited.

Seamless Checkout Experience

In the online ordering world, checkout flow is really crucial as it has the highest customer drop-off rates. To make an informed choice, we researched some of the top online ordering players to understand how to build a tight checkout process.

Newton will be available on the platform to subscribe from September. If you are on the UrbanPiper platform then reach out to your Account Manager to super-charge your online ordering experience with Newton.