Creating an online ordering channel

Here are few key points to consider when planning for an in-house delivery & order management system for a restaurant

Creating an online ordering channel

A few years ago, home delivery was considered a good to have feature for restaurants. With the current market scenario, this has become a must-have for restaurants to increase their sales as more customers now prefer ordering food at their convenient location. Although aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato have created a marketplace for restaurants and help them with last-mile delivery, many brands are focusing on having their own channel and delivery system to cater to the customer’s home delivery needs.

As compared to earlier times when orders were placed over call, evolution in technology has helped brands to have a better reach and accessibility to their customers through their branded websites and apps. Having an independent online ordering channel not only helps in improving the profit margin but also adds to the branding and marketing initiatives for the company.

Moving on the right track:

Although there are many other advantages of having an in-house delivery system, what are the points to consider when creating an ordering channel interface for the customers?

When creating a user interface, a brand must focus on the look and feel of the website/app. Choosing the right colour palette, a font that complements the theme and good quality images of the products helps in creating a rich feel for the customer. The layout of the website pages and apps should be fluidic and intuitive, providing good user experience.

Apart from having good UI and UX, it’s important for a brand to make their pages SEO friendly to have a better listing on search engines and gain more traffic on their website.

Finding a good fit:

UrbanPiper is a company that focuses on providing end-to-end technology solutions for the restaurant and retail industry. How is it different from any other company offering website and app development for a brand?

Thing that makes UrbanPiper stand out is the integration of aggregators along with the in-house online ordering system. A brand can efficiently manage all the orders from a single dashboard. UrbanPiper’s white label products like online ordering websites and apps not only provide a rich UI and UX with a preset theme but also helps in managing the menu better. It becomes easier for a brand to update its menu, whether it be adding a new item in the menu or stocking out a product that’s sold out.

The coupon engine can be used to place attractive offers and create value for money for the customers. Talking about customers, a brand can run campaigns for their customers that help with the marketing efforts. Atlas makes it easier for a brand to segment their customers based on the engagement level and run campaigns. Marketing communication with a loyal customer would be different as compared to one time customers, creating a different value for each segment.

A chat system on the website also helps in communicating with the customers directly, creating a direct interaction with them.

While the ordering websites are designed to appeal to the end customer, creating a great experience through the ordering journey, they are also SEO friendly, making it easier to search for products and directing customers to the product page directly from search engines.

With the changing market landscape due to unforeseen circumstances like the recent pandemic situation, it makes sense for a brand to delve into creating their own independent ordering channel. And with a company that has domain expertise like UrbanPiper, the setup and operation of the independent online channel become smoother and effortless.