Online food-delivery platforms are expanding choice and convenience, allowing customers to order from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap of their mobile phone.

- McKinsey & Company

This means tough competition!

Moreover, as the growth of remote ordering is at it's all time high, online sales are becoming a critical revenue source for restaurants.

This change of landscapes has been very recent!

Which means, restaurant's today are facing a situation where their most critical source of business— is still something they are learning about. Now unlike dine-in business, where customers are right there to learn from, to optimize for — ONLINE doesn't serve any such privilege. Then how do restaurants Measure-Learn-Grow their business?

While there isn't any holy grail to this secret! There are some data points that restaurants can anchor around. Through this article, we'll talk about these data points and their importance.  

Acknowledgement Rate & Time to 'Acknowledge'

As orders land at restaurant store-front, from various delivery apps like Zomato & Swiggy, store operators need to Acknowledge these orders in a given time window. Failing which, an order is subjected to cancellation by the delivery apps.

Therefore, it's important for any restaurant to measure and improve it's acknowledgement rate and reduce the time spent in order acknowledgment.

Rate of marking 'Food Ready' & Time to Prepare

For optimizing delivery operators, delivery-apps provide an order state to restaurant called Food Ready. This way delivery-apps learn restaurant's preparation time. They then use it for: (1)— giving expected delivery time to end consumer; (2)— optimize their delivery logistics.

Therefore, it's important for restaurants to keep a healthy rate of marking food ready to their orders. At the same time, staying on top of their preparation time.

Time to Dispatch

When delivery agents pick up the order, the order gets marked dispatched. For restaurant this is important metrics to be aware of.

This metric can serve as a reference point while targeting order preparation time.

Cancel Rate & Time

Order cancellation means business loss. Though it is very difficult to have absolutely no order cancellation, it is certainly possible to reduce it's rate— if this metric is regularly tracked, and acted upon.  

As everything in the line successful delivery execution is important, understanding the patterns and root-cause of cancellation is equally important.

With this in mind, the engineering team at UrbanPiper took on the mission to provide a single dashboard for restaurants to measure the health of their online business.

This module is called Health Index. In the coming week, this module will be  released for merchants & internal customer success team.

Sneak peek into ATLAS's — Health Index — module

If you are using UrbanPiper for managing your business on delivery-apps, we'd hear your feedbacks on how you plan to use Health index to run your business. If you haven't yet tried UrbanPiper— give us a shout, and our team will reach out to you.