Promotional strategies for a restaurateur on Swiggy

Promotional strategies for a restaurateur on Swiggy

Consumers always want to feel loved, special and happy. Right from the moment they decide to order from the restaurant and even beyond the time they ordered. Promotions are key to creating an awareness among customers that times are good and a restaurateur wants to have his/her customers reap in some of the benefits. In the online food delivery industry, customers have a natural expectation for discounts and offers…

According to a study, 87% of diners are likely to try a restaurant if some sort of deal is available.

Role of Swiggy in promotion of a restaurant

As a restaurateur, growing the restaurant online business is a top priority. Particularly, in a highly competitive market, that the F&B industry is today, it is essential to attract customers through promotional efforts.

Swiggy offers a number of online promotional strategies to the restaurateurs to retain their customers and increase customer lifetime value. Here is a list of few promotional strategies or ideas that a restaurateur need to take a close look at if they do not want to be left behind —

Swiggy POP

Swiggy POP ensures quick, single served meals within a short span of time. (like really short, 30–35 minutes). It is a daily changing organised menu of meals from top restaurants within the fixed radius of the customer, ranging between Rs. 99 to 200 only. And, the best part is that there is absolute zero delivery charge for every POP meal.

For the time pressed working professionals, it becomes really difficult to choose from a large detailed menu. They are looking for hassle-free meals for their daily bites. POP is mainly for the working professionals who do not have access to kitchen and are on the move.

Restaurateurs have a basic idea of all the items that fall under POP menu and keep the ingredients ready, thus making delivery time shorter. Swiggy POP helps restaurant to get their listing up on the app, or in other words, it helps to increase the brand/restaurant visibility. Restaurateurs use Swiggy POP as a teaser by featuring their low budget items and nudging their potential customers to try other items also, which are not in the POP list.

When it comes to promoting a restaurant online, banner ads are among the most efficient promotional strategies. They easily catch customers attention and when customers click on these rectangular boxes, they are directed to the page of the advertising restaurant.

Banner Ads help a restaurant to increase traffic, sales and profit when used effectively. As a restaurateur, before spending any money on a banner ad, ensure that the content is attractive enough, informative and encourages customers to order the items offered. It allows a restaurateur to extend their visibility, reach and expand the consumer base.

Coupon discounts and combos

Discounts and combos are a no-brainer. In online food delivery industry, they are bound to attract customers for any dining restaurant or cafe. It can be time-based, percentage-based, or a flat-discount depending upon how the restaurateur wants to stimulate the potential customers. For example, a restaurateur can offer two burger meals for the price of one, which is a very efficient way to attract new consumers.

According to a study, 57% of millennials look for restaurant coupons before trying.
Coupons discounts in swiggy

The idea of grouping the items together and slashing the price has been known to have worked for many years. Combos can be a great way to maximize profits. Consumers always want more for less to reach the a level of satisfaction. They see value in paying a lesser amount for 3–4 items on the catalogue sold as combo, compared to paying the full amount for the same items/dishes.

Combos in swiggy

Wrapping up

If promotions are done in a right way and the ROI measured consistently, a restaurateur can gradually tweak the levers to generate a continuous stream of positive revenue, while building a loyal customer base.

This list of suggestions is by no means an exhaustive collection of promotional activities available in the online food ordering space. This list provides a good starting point to pick off the low hanging fruits that can be easily tapped in to see good results.