Reasons why UrbanPiper is the ultimate partner for every POS!

With the F&B industry shifting its focus online, it is crucial for POS systems these days to provide omnichannel order management solutions. Here's how partnering with UrbanPiper can make life easier for a POS and its customers!

Reasons why UrbanPiper is the ultimate partner for every POS!

Acting as a central system for end-to-end restaurant management, Point of Sale (POS) systems have long served as an essential ingredient to a successful restaurant business. As the F&B industry evolved, so did the POS systems. With the internet revolutionizing the food-service industry, the traditional desktop app-based POS has made way to its cloud-based counterpart. From managing their in-store orders, billing, inventory to fetching reports and customer relationship management—using modern POS systems, businesses can entirely automate their operations. As an increasing number of restaurant and grocery businesses have now begun selling online, via their own websites and Food Service Aggregators (FSA) such as Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, Amazon etc, it becomes crucial for POS systems to help the new-age restaurateurs to manage their orders on these online channels, to truly be a “One-Stop-Solution”! While the need is undeniable, the hurdles are manifold.

One Screen to Rule Them All

As a growing number of restaurants and kiranas move online, the need to have a single unified system to manage all in-store and online orders becomes imperative. For restaurants selling on various online platforms, handling orders flowing in on these multiple aggregator dashboards becomes operationally challenging. To top it up, the orders need to be manually punched into the POS for accounting purposes which makes it prone to human error.
Furthermore, managing the catalogue on these aggregator platforms is an added hassle. Often simple catalogue configurations such as changing menu item prices can be a tedious process. Having a central integrated system in place increases the operational efficiency of the business since this gives them complete control over their online menu and a plethora of other features—pricing, real-time stock availability, store timings etc, directly from their POS. It also enables them to fetch reports based on aggregator-derived data from the POS itself.

POS systems for restaurants

The Challenges

For a POS system to remove the bottlenecks of such fragmented data for restaurants using their software, requires consuming the APIs of Aggregators to achieve a consolidated omni-channel dashboard. But this isn’t as simple a feat as it appears on the surface!  

  • A time-consuming affair—Most aggregators do not expose their APIs readily to any POS that requests for it. Aggregators do vetting of the POS systems seeking direct integration, which can often be a lengthy process.
  • Development and maintenance costs—For a POS system, the development time for such integrations with individual aggregators is quite long and involves substantial effort. Moreover, given the dynamic nature of the aggregator platforms, constant feature updates, and enhancements that the POS needs to implement to stay relevant, takes further toll.
  • Integrating with every new aggregator—Amazon has now entered the food delivery service with Amazon Foods and is all set to provide stiff competition to the Swiggy-Zomato duopoly! Constant digital disruption in the F&B industry implies that new players will always be entering the scene. For a POS system, acquiring the APIs and initiating the development process every time there’s a new FSA player in the industry, is not feasible. Not to mention the long time it takes for the completion of the entire process!

The Perks of being with UrbanPiper

While, for a POS company, the process of directly tying up with aggregators may become quite tedious, integration experts like UrbanPiper provide the perfect solution to the problem. UrbanPiper acts as a middle layer between aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo and UberEats, and a restaurant’s POS system. A POS can avoid the hassle of having to integrate with different FSA platforms by simply partnering with UrbanPiper and avail its entire suite of APIs, namely—

  • Order Relay
  • Menu Sync
  • Order Status Update
  • Inventory Control
  • Store Management
  • Rider Status Update
Online Ordering and POS

By Partnering with UrbanPiper, a POS system can—

  • Cut down on development costs—By not having to invest bandwidth and resources in development and constant maintenance, cuts down the costs of supporting API integrations to a fraction.
  • Go live in just 45 days!  The prolonged wait to obtain aggregator APIs and get integrated is cut short by using the UrbanPiper middle layer. By tying up with UrbanPiper, a POS partner gets access to the entire suite of APIs for our whole portfolio of FSA partners, all in one place and with a little help from our deft little elves, are good to go live as an integrated dashboard, in just 45 days time!
  • Timely Updates and Enhancements—Every time a new feature is rolled out on the Aggregator platforms, UrbanPiper’s dedicated team of experts commit to making the same available to the restaurants businesses who are using our POS partner.
  • Zero Effort to partner with new aggregators—By partnering with UrbanPiper, a POS eliminates the effort needed to integrate with a new aggregator every time there’s a new entrant in the market. Being the integration experts that we are, we take care of the mammoth task of getting their APIs while the POS can just add the extra platform on their system to make it available to the brands that they are powering.

With restaurants opting for a wide range of online channels to expand their business, the complexity of operations increases. Using a POS system that cuts down overheads while simplifying operations is a life-saver for any business. Through the magic of integrations, companies like UrbanPiper empower POS systems with the ability to achieve this feat! UrbanPiper currently powers integrations for Microsoft, SlickPOS, POSist, Gofrugal, Paytm, LS Retail, and 150+ other Point of Sales, across 10,000+ stores through our solution HUB! Should you want to know more about our integrations or wish to join the bandwagon and become an UrbanPiper POS partner, drop us a message.