Top Indian Food Bloggers on Social Media

As customers are becoming smarter, brands need to respond with more intelligent marketing by understanding consumers, identifying opportunities, and then proactively addressing the needs and interests of their customers.

Top Indian Food Bloggers on Social Media

Influencer marketing is considered one of the best marketing strategies today for the fact that customers are more informed than ever before. As customers are becoming smarter, brands need to respond with more intelligent marketing by understanding consumers, identifying opportunities, and then proactively addressing the needs and interests of their customers.

Influencers who have successfully established themselves in marketing for a particular kind of product or service have a loyal following base and are deeply trusted by their followers. To add to that, influencers aren’t ‘pushy’ in their communication and consumers tend to trust them more than the brand directly pushing its products.

Influencers can be broadly classified into 7 different groups based on different variables such as the number of followers and type of strategy followed:

  • Nano Influencer
  • Micro-Influencer
  • Macro-Influencer
  • Mega Influencer
  • Advocates
  • Referrers
  • Loyalists

Long before ‘influencers’ really became a thing, people loved to talk about food. They would take to blogging platforms, & later YouTube to highlight recipes, their favourite dishes, & more. Today, that trend has only exploded & you can see food bloggers all across the world on various social media platforms.

There are plenty of bloggers out there, but we’ve compiled a list of 10 bloggers who are doing something slightly different & engaging their audience:


Shivesh Bhatia, a graduate based out of Delhi, started his career by writing articles for leading newspapers such as Hindustan Times and The Hindu. He figured out his passion for baking when he was in class 11 and started blogging in the year 2014.  He also published a book named ‘Bake with Shivesh’ which became an Amazon Bestseller. His Instagram channel ‘@shivesh17’ has a follower base of 538k followers. He also won Best Instagrammer of the Year at the Living Foodz awards in 2018


Richa Hingle or more popularly ‘Vegan Richa’ is an award-winning recipe developer, blogger, and photographer. Her book ‘Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen’, which was launched in 2015 was considered the #1 bestseller on Amazon. Her blog, which consists of vegan recipes, has not only Indian food but also various fusion recipes. She also runs a YouTube channel named Vegan Richa with 34k Subscribers and has a huge fan base on Instagram with 319k followers and 4000+ posts.


Pragya Piparsania, a well known social media star, started her career as a corporate employee and now has her own Facebook channel ‘Yum Curry’ with 3M+ food lovers. She has also been featured on, Huffington Post, TheKitchn, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, and many more publications. She also published an E-Book on Indian Vegan Diwali Sweets that was wildly successful in which she created vegan versions of Indian desserts that were previously deemed impossible.


Deeba Rajpal - a passionate baker​, food stylist, and photographer​ started her blog named around 2007. Twitter and Pinterest were the major social media platforms that she started with back then and now has her own Instagram page known as ‘passionateaboutbaking’ with 176k followers. She has recently signed up for her first dessert cookbook with Penguin Random House, which is expected to release this year.


Uma Raghuraman or ‘masterchefmom’ specializes in cooking authentic, traditional and family recipes. Her culinary journey started two decades ago, & has now reached the point where she is regarded as one of India’s top food bloggers. Her blog has more than 900 recipes from cuisines across the world, & she uses social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, & her YouTube channel - to publicise the same.


Natasha Hamo, an Indian living in California, is well known for her posts about Healthy-Organic food. Her recipes are strictly vegan and straight from the farm. Her posts are majorly focused on healthy organic dishes that help healing inflammation in the body. She is also famous for her Instagram page named ‘organicandhappy’ which reads ‘Health without labels’ with 76k followers and 500+ posts.


Karan Tripathi is a well known Delhi-based food blogger who is passionate about cooking, exploring new recipes, and travelling. He started his own blog named ‘The Food Fanatic’ in the year 2016 which showcases a variety of recipes, food events, product reviews, and restaurant reviews. According to Karan, cooking, exploring, clicking and eating, are considered as the four pillars of his “Blogger Life”. He is also well known for his Instagram page ‘karanfoodfanatic’ with 70.5k followers and 1900+ posts.


Karthik ‘Gastrohogger’ Gandhi is a 35 year old IT professional based out of Hyderabad and is known as a hardcore foodie especially a Die-Hard Biryani Lover and calls himself the biryani virgin. If you are a biryani lover and want to learn more about biryanis in Hyderabad, this blog is the one for you. He shares his experience about the restaurants and food journey through the Instagram channel ‘@gastrohogger’ which has about 56.2k followers.


Archit Agarwal, a food blogger currently based out of Delhi is passionate about food, photography, and travel. He shares his experience through his blog named ‘’. Not only food, but the blog also consists of a variety of posts about people talking about their experiences and about his dog Besan. Archit’s handle name is ‘@architlost’ in which ‘lost’ stands for “Life of Simple Treats” with 42k followers.


Abhinav Saxena is recognized as one of the pioneers in the F&B industry. He is currently specializing in helping Cloud Kitchen businesses get off the ground. He is also renowned for being a Judge on a startup show named ‘The Startup League’ - A 40 city nationwide hunt show for startups. He started his first start-up at the age of 18 & currently has expanded it to different locations in Indore, Bhopal, and Singapore. He has his own website - and has nearly 20K followers on social media.