Meme Wars: Zomato's Top 10

Zomato makes you feel like it's someone you know, someone with whom you have a lot in common. They find hilarious ways to use trending topics & drive hungry customers to order from their app.

Meme Wars: Zomato's Top 10

Brand building is often a subjective matter that divides the opinion of various stakeholders within an organisation. While the founders might want to portray one sort of image for the brand, tech might have another vision altogether, while marketing might believe that their ideas are clearly the best. Suffice to say, this has lead to a number of brands adapting different ‘tones’ while creating a ‘personality’ on social media. With the increasing number of users joining platforms such as Twitter & Instagram, social media marketing has become a fundamental requirement for any company to use these platforms as a resource to connect to the netizens, increasing brand visibility & thereby, creating business opportunity.

While some brands take a more serious route, some tend to be cheeky from time to time. And on another side of the spectrum altogether, there are the food delivery apps! Zomato, Swiggy, & other apps have really pushed the boundaries & adopted a tone that might almost seem like your best friend is chatting with you.

In this post, we debut the 'Meme Wars' where we take a look at how these brands turned trending events into relatable content & stayed at the top of the mind for their customers.

Below are 10 times that Zomato owned the Internet with their witty posts.

#10 When Delivery Agents Ruled The Streets

The second wave hit India hard around April 2021 & everyone was back home as lockdowns were imposed everywhere; from Calcutta to Chennai, & from Delhi to Bangalore! Thankfully, food delivery operators were largely still in play at this point, & Zomato shared this cheeky post during the 2nd week of April to showcase how their riders were still ruling the streets.

#9 When Zomato Threw A 'Pawrty' For Singles On Valentine's

This doesn't need any introduction, the 'pawrty' trend was used really well by many brands. Zomato in this post found a hilarious way to club the trend with the valentine's week and hinted a coupon code on the meme, driving hungry customers to the app.

#8 When They Decided To Be Cute On Mother's Day

Zomato showed us how amazing mothers are, with their cute depiction of how 'Maa ke haath ka khana' would perform if it were a restaurant. An impressive job done with using their app's UI for the topic.

#7 When Facebook Was Down

Playing with words done right! Facebook's servers were down and Zomato saw a clear opportunity to get their fans to start thinking about some food. They even thank Zuckerberg for giving them some content to play with.

#6 When Bhuvneshwar Kumar Destroyed England's Innings

Zomato makes you feel like it's someone you know, someone with whom you have a lot in common. Bhuvneshwar Kumar helped change the game in India's favour when England seemed to be cruising in the 5th T20I in March. Cricket being India's most loved sport, brands surely make sure they use cricket references to create content. Zomato has surely hit the right chord multiple times!

#5 Jumping On To The 'Rashi' Trend

Everyone remembers how the Rashi/Rasode mein kaun tha trend. We can see Zomato cutting all the chaos by giving a perfect solution for both Rashi & Kokila Ben!

#4 The One With The Reunion Reference

The F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion was one of the most awaited events of the decade. With millions of fans eagerly waiting for the show, Zomato used this moment to share their love towards the show slighlty changing their iconic opening scene to hint their longing for a different reunion - with F.R.I.E.S at a restaurant.

#3 When They Got Nostalgic About 2020's Thaali Task

That's how relatable content is one of the easiest and best ways to keep the engagement going. This post marked a year since government's 'thaali bajao' campaign. Though this post doesn't drive the audience to their app, it still does a great job of building the brand's connect with their fans.

#2 When They Flexed Their New Year Numbers

How can a brand wish someone a happy new year, show off their achievements, flex their customer base, & remind their social media audience to use their product all at the same time? Well that's what Zomato did for 2021.

#1 When They Celebrated Women's Day By Being Savage

This one goes without saying, the brand uses a common stereotype given to women as a bait to send out a strong message on Women's Day. This witty post is one of Zomato's best performing posts in terms of engagement! This showed us how keeping your brand active social media can work wonders if you are able to connect to the audience's sentiments and help you stand out in the competition.

Where there in Zomato, Swiggy, or Dunzo cannot be far behind. The other brands in the food delivery space are often equally witty & create posts that are shared far and wide. Watch out for the next 'Meme Wars' post by subscribing to UrbanPiper's blog.