WFO to WFH: The culture shift

As we adjust to a reality that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, here's how life at UrbanPiper has changed amidst the lockdown

WFO to WFH: The culture shift

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? 2020 has definitely made us feel like we’ve been caught in a landslide. But well, like Freddie Mercury said:  no escape from reality,  right?  As we adjust to a reality that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, life at UrbanPiper too has transformed dramatically over the past few months.

The Business Front

Change has always been the constant here at UrbanPiper. At every step of the way we have learnt, un-learnt, built, and re-built.  To understand our evolution better, we need to rewind a couple of years back towards the very beginning of our journey :

Circa 2016 - Our OMS product line took off. Word of mouth spread like wildfire and before we knew it, we were shaking hands with some of the biggest names in the food industry to power their online websites.

Cut to 2018 and our niche product HUB began selling like a hotcake. Hustle was the way of life for the team as business continued to be on an upswing. That, was till a virus brought the world to a grinding halt in 2020.

Bent, not broken—we took it in stride. By April 2020, observing the boom in the online grocery market, we had already begun expanding into the e-grocery vertical. With a renewed demand from consumers from every corner of the world for both OMS and HUB - for restaurants and grocery stores, we have now started going international with our ventures with double the zeal!

As the company focused on rapid growth from 2016 to early 2020, our eyes were set on achieving targets. Naturally, on the process front, a  little bit of hacking becomes imperative while running at a very fast pace! But with the onslaught of the new work-from-home culture, we have learned to take things slow and get foundationally stronger. This has given us more time to pivot—streamlining our processes to support the structural changes that have happened in the workplace.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Ross Geller Pivot

The Workplace

In the face of the lockdown following the unprecedented health crisis, UrbanPiper’s mantra has been to - Adapt, Improvise & Overcome. As the culture of work-from-office has morphed into one of work-from-home, the implementation of clear processes has become crucial to keep the moving parts running seamlessly.

Weekly office meetings have turned into Daily team Huddles to start off each day with. Not only does this keep the team morale high, align each one on the team with the activities of their teammates, but also, it’s simply nice to hear familiar voices to keep us going through the overwhelming circumstances that we have suddenly found ourselves in! Conversations no longer happen over coffee- rather Slack, Zoom calls, and Google meets are the new norms. CRM sanitation and staying on top of things through better documentation have become a priority.

WFH (Work From Home) in India

Our Forum (a Q&A platform) has become the ‘Holy Grail’ for everything UrbanPiper! From ‘Tech’ to ‘Sales’ to ‘Ops’- diffusion of knowledge, company-wide, is smoother than ever. We have nurtured a strong knowledge base accessible to absolutely anyone in the company who wants to know anything about any function—Product, Sales, Operations, Marketing, HR, at the very granular level.

According to Devarshi Jain, Head of Business Development at UrbanPiper:

“Building the right foundational blocks for the next level of growth has been the Focus. Having robust processes in place makes us more efficient & data-driven, with an eye for details. Teams have become more disciplined, meetings have crisp agendas and the outcomes are regularly tracked. This has improved transparency within the company and propelled us to shift focus from the individual to a more team-oriented outlook.”

So, with the vision of bettering internal and external  documentation, content, and processes, a few new initiatives were introduced:

  • Training Plan: Devising a systematic training plan for new employees involved having insightful and cogent content in place as well as developing a clear road map of the entire process of induction.
  • Marketing: With content consumption at an all-time high, the lockdown provided the ripe opportunity to create and market impactful blogs and video content for our consumers. Email campaigns were also initiated to amplify engagement.

As folk from the internal teams got all pumped up and jumped at these opportunities, the wheels got rolling in no-time. The results, so far,  have been spectacular! ( On that note- Check out our blog for some kickass content! )

The Fun Side of things

WFH has not been “All (home)work and no play” While we do miss our TT sessions terribly, the team has found a jugaad for some “lockdown fun”- We Slack it! From sharing memes to showing off our alter egos to the world, there’s a slack channel for it all!  

Work From Home(WFH) at UrbanPiper
The team setting major WFH goals!

Life-as-we-know-it has taken a 180° turn in the past couple of months and so have our perspectives.  Although the times have been tumultuous, the journey thus far has been remarkable. We have realized at every step of the way there are new challenges to overcome, new heights to reach and as a team, we are sure to hustle our way through it all!