Women At Work

We spoke to the women on the team as they shared their experiences, the journey so far, and the future they envision for themselves at UrbanPiper.

Women At Work

From the very beginning of our journey, culture has been the focal point of our attention at UrbanPiper. A diverse workforce is what sets us apart. We have constantly strived to foster a work culture of inclusivity and respect, where each and every individual has an equal opportunity for advancement and growth. We believe that marginalized groups and women are more likely to thrive in a work environment that exudes fairness. We spoke to the women on the team as they shared their experiences, the journey so far, and the future they envision for themselves at UrbanPiper.

Breaking The Glass Ceiling

We spoke to Keerthana Suresh, who currently handles Enterprise Sales for the international market at UrbanPiper: Even though we chatted over a video call, her energy was palpable. When she had joined the company back in 2017, Keerthana was the only girl in an all guys team. But that has not stopped this superwoman from going places.

“Even though I was the only girl on the team when I started out, I have never felt left out. The best part about working at UrbanPiper is that it constantly invests in the growth of the individual based on merit, without any gender bias. I have equal access to resources and opportunities and can enjoy the same rewards as anyone else on the team.“
Women at Work
The Superwomen of UrbanPiper

From 2017 to now, the number of women on the team has risen steadily—

the gender ratio has improved in leaps and bounds. From Business Development to Operations to HR, the team now boasts of strong women in leadership roles who inspire confidence in their colleagues and create an impact through their work.

“Being a female member in the leadership- I feel that I have always been treated at par. Here, it's in the value system that each of us is treated based on the work we do and not by our gender, age, experience, etc. I have been a firm believer of "there are no secrets to success" and this is very much aligned with what is believed at UrbanPiper. Not for once, have I felt uncomfortable working here as its a free workspace where we are trusted, respected and valued.”

- says Nikita Govil, who currently heads the HR department at the company

Appreciation, Care, Respect, Fearlessness, and Ownership- are the salient pillars upon which our culture stands. These core values are very intricately woven into every aspect of the company—our work and our team. Ensuring that a prospective employee is a ‘value-fit’, is a crucial part of our hiring process. Having a team of like-minded and value-aligned individuals has helped us create an environment where every person is appreciated, cared for, and respected, regardless of their gender identity. UrbanPiper encourages all its employees to be fearless in their endeavors and take ownership of their actions. Our teams boast of dynamic women who are go-getters with a never-die spirit!

According to Rupasha from Operations, the value-oriented work culture helps in the holistic development of the individual -

“The values we are inculcating while working here will help us in the future, not only professionally but also on a personal level.”

A Safe Space

While we make sure that the women in the team are celebrated on Women’s Day, our goal is to ensure that it is not restricted to just one particular day of the year. Every day is women’s day at UrbanPiper! Puja from Sales calls UrbanPiper “a second family”. And just as families do, we like to protect our own! It is of paramount importance that our workplace is a gender-neutral ‘safe space’ for every individual. With that in mind, the Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) was formed, which upholds a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment of any form at the workplace and promotes power equality in the organization.

Sirisha Naidu, Head of Partnerships at UrbanPiper, has had a work experience of 20 years in the industry. Speaking of her tenure as a woman in a leadership position in the management and the President of the POSH committee at UrbanPiper, she comments:

“UrbanPiper is a thoroughly enjoyable place to work at. There is no hostility or gender discrimination whatsoever at any level of management. While work-life balance is a concern for most working women, at UrbanPiper, I have been able to achieve it. This makes working here stress-free. Furthermore, having a POSH Committee to create awareness among employees about acceptable workplace behavior has made the workplace safer and more open for women. The last two quarters that I have spent as the President of POSH, I have not seen any cases coming up, which shows the level of safety @ UrbanPiper.”
Women's day celebration
Women’s Day celebration at UrbanPiper!

The road to equality in society is a long and arduous one. At UrbanPiper, we have been attempting to bridge the gender gap by nurturing a culture of equity and opportunity. Here, women wear multiple hats (Take it from me who started off as a part of the Business Development team and in the short span of time that I’ve been here, have dipped my toes in Marketing and am now creating content too). By creating a diverse workforce, we aim to fix the broken rungs prevalent in the system at large, so that no hurdle is too big to overcome for any individual, whatever be their gender.